Andrew Sladen

Kwik Kopy

The appointment of Greg Johnson twelve months ago has allowed me as owner to take a step back from the day to day operational activities and better focus on business fundamentals . The implementation of a strategic plan and key business activities being reviewed constantly has significantly improved profitability making it a much more attractive proposition for a potential buyer allowing me to transition into semi retirement.

Russel Dupuy

EMS Australia

After ten years of growing a successful business, it was time to take it to the next level  that commanded the implementation of a management team that would not only support significant domestic growth, would position the business for international expansion whilst reducing dependency upon me as the owner - paving the way for succession. Greg guided me through a detailed process that brought together all my strategic goals to best position my business reach its full potential, whilst maintaining agility to respond tactically. After 18 months of working with Greg, if I chose, I can now confidently present my business for sale. Knowing its well positioned to achieve maximum return enabling me to think about those other important things in life, now that I truly have an exit strategy.

Mark Petherick

AGM Truck & Trailer

Greg has not only been an enormous help in getting the company back on its feet for both now and way into the future, and he has done it with an enormous amount of patience. It was obvious from the very start that he was here to help, and help he would.  Also right from the start he made himself a friend and confidant, and with his friendly character made it very easy to ask any question, which helped us get the important things done. Greg has put the partners on the right track, and with the right focus on business strategies they now expect to achieve their personal and business objectives.

Lynne McGrath


Greg and I worked together to identify the potential of my business, the strengths and weaknesses, and by identifying the weaknesses it meant we focused on them and changed them. After 18 months of working with Greg I can now proudly present my business to a prospective purchaser knowing that my business has been prepared for such a moment, enabling me to get the best return on my now great business, and isn’t that what we are all working towards…the exit strategy!