Selecting the Right Business Broker

What Exactly is ‘Exit Planning’ and How Do I Start?
June 21, 2016
Finding the Right Broker for Your Sale
July 2, 2016

If you are considering the future sale of your business, consulting a business broker should be on your radar. Although there are some owners that attempt to sell their business themselves through learning the ropes from various resources, it is much more challenging to successfully and profitably sell your own business without consulting a team of expert advisors. Part of that team will consist of a knowledgeable business broker to guide you along your new journey.

There are several reasons why a business broker should be a key part of your succession team:

  1. Offers Important Insights

Business advisors can offer in-depth insights on valuation, marketing, prospecting, negotiations and other fundamental sale elements. Their experiences dealing with other business owners like you allow them to comprehend the financial, operational and legal issues of your company – and how to sell it for the right price!

  1. Understands the Art of Multiple Buyers

When there are multiple parties interested in buying a company, the seller has much better chance of getting the fair market value for their business and reaching more favourable sale terms. On the other hand, a sale that is never consummated is greatly reduced.

  1. Professional Negotiation Skills

As professional negotiators, brokers understand how to overcome the obstacles that prevent a sale from closing. These skills help brokers leverage experience to help you receive the best possible price and terms for your company and keep the deal on track to ensure deadlines are met efficiently and effectively.

  1. Confidentiality

Business brokers understand how to preserve confidentiality during both the marketing and the sale process.

Ascend Business Partners has developed specialized expertise that allows us to know how to drive increased value for your business prior to sale. Our website offers a range of tools and information to help you sell your business, that will give you the confidence you need to know we can help you achieve personal, financial and business goals. Don’t miss out on our next blog on Finding the Right Broker for Your Sale.



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