Value Acceleration Program

Value Acceleration Program

Increasing the value and performance of your business through:

  • Well developed business strategies

  • A clearly defined competitive advantage

  • Employees who are engaged and productive

  • A clear focus on the most effective growth plans

  • Comprehensive financial reporting and analysis

  • Efficient and effective business systems and processes

1. Program overview

The Your Value Acceleration Program has been developed to provide a structured framework to strategically review a business and to create a stronger more valuable business, that gives you the option to sell, or create an ongoing passive income.

The Your Value Acceleration Program is used with successful profitable companies. It is able to transform these businesses by creating clarity about four important issues:

  1. The purpose of the organisation. Why does it exist? Why was it established? What is your dream for your business?
  2. The vision of the organisation. In which direction do you want to take the organisation?
  3. What are the goals and objectives needed to achieve your desired business value?
  4. What are your longer term personal aspirations for your life and the legacy you want to leave

The Your Value Acceleration Program provides a structured framework that transforms businesses into a highly efficient profitable and valuable asset.

2. Your Value Acceleration Program

The Value Acceleration Program has been specifically designed to create stronger more valuable businesses. Ascend Business partners have developed a systematic approach, called the “Seven Steps to Successful Succession”, to work with business owners to increase the value of their business and improve their profits. This allows them to exit their business with a valuable asset they can sell, transition to the next generation, or provide them with an ongoing passive income.

The Value creation process is set out in the attached program schedule. Each of the seven steps have specific activities that create the increase in business value. You will see the results of our work together by referring to the completion of each of the activities listed in the program and at the same time watch your business value accelerate.

An important component of Value creation is with the development of a Strategic Plan that includes a detailed review and recommendations for each of the key Strategic Elements of your business:

  • Development of your Business Vision, Strategy, Structure and Culture
  • Development of your Objectives & Critical Success Factors
  • Work through all aspects of your Business to develop the Strategic direction that puts you and your team on the path to achieving the desired goals for your future
  • Work with you to determine the overall goals and milestones that we will be targeting as well as the timeframe for their achievement
  • Products: to ensure your customers get great value at an acceptable profit level
  • Marketing and Sales: reviewing and developing your lead generation activities and how you convert them to customers
  • Finances: how to keep track of your results and hold the key parts of your business accountable for progress toward the goals we have set
  • People: keeping your best asset engaged, motivated and performing at their best
  • Systems & Processes: to make the tasks your team performs as effective as possible
  • Development of Key Performance Indicators so the key aspects of the business are being monitored and managed

3. Your Value Acceleration Program timelines

The Your Value Acceleration Program will be created and implemented over a 12 month period, in conjunction with an agreed project plan.

Your Strategic Business Plan is created over a 2 month period as we work collaboratively together to develop the right strategies for each of the above areas. In this period we will undertake fortnightly meetings of approximately 2 -3 hours. The exact time in each meeting will vary depending on the topic and the degree of conversation required. Each of us will have tasks to complete prior to the next meeting.

The development of the Financial Management framework and Human Resources performance management will be created after the completion of the Strategic Plan. All the deliverables and the framework for ongoing Strategic, Financial and people management will be completed within the 12 month period, through fortnightly meetings and the completion of agreed tasks between meetings.

4. Your Value Acceleration Program outcomes

The outcomes of this review will be the provision of a business plan that sets out each of the strategic elements described above. The successful implementation of this plan will provide you with:

  • Improved Business Profitability and Value enhancement
  • Clear direction for the business, resulting in greater clarity for the owner, and less stress
  • Staff Accountability and engagement at all levels
  • A strong platform for growth, leveraging systems and processes

5. Additional services for Value Creation

As a valued client of Ascend Business Partners you automatically receive the following tools to assist you in your Value Creation journey:

  1. Software – a cloud based business performance tool for your ongoing use. Use this advanced tool to report on performance measures and track progress against your strategic objectives.
  2. Training resources – access to videos and articles, for you and your staff, on how to improve your business in each functional area. This includes advice from over 200 of Australia’s top entrepreneurs business professionals. More details are provided at
  3. Mentoring – provided by myself to assist you to gain increased clarity and purpose for your business and personal goal

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