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Greg Johnson:
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Helping Business owners create successful exits

Ascend Business Partners are committed to helping business owners increase their wealth.Using a proven systematic approach we work with business owners to increase the value of their business and improve their profits, which allows them to exit their business with a valuable asset they can sell or provide them with an ongoing passive income. We are experts in helping business owners build their business and supporting them to get ready to sell, exit or transition their business.

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7 Steps to REFIRE Book

7 Steps to REFIRE

The book by Greg Johnson


Is your business ready for successful ownership transition? Are you personally ready to leave your business? At some stage you will decide to leave your business - whether you've decided to sell, retire or simply do something else. 7 Steps to REFIRE will help you increase the value of your business and show you how you can go on to live your desired life.

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Succession planning is the systematic process of reviewing all aspects of the business, determining the most appropriate method of transitioning ownership, assessing the most appropriate exit option, and then creating a detailed and documented plan to achieve the best possible outcome for all the stakeholders in the business.

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