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Corporate Business Brokers

Ascend Partners work in conjunction with Corporate Business Brokers which is an established mergers and acquisitions firm in Melbourne and Sydney. We work on behalf of vendors and prospective purchasers to research, identify and negotiate the sale or acquisition of quality medium to large-sized businesses valued between $1m and $50m.

We have a wealth of experience in business sales, mergers and acquisitions, strategic structuring and venture capital across a wide range of industries including: engineering , information technology, manufacturing, logistics, services, agri-businesses.

No matter what your industry, the Corporate Business Brokers team works with you to improve your transaction outcome in a manner that is ethically and strategically responsible. Throughout the process you will be guided by professionals along the way. In the end we want you to become our best advocate because of the exceptional results that have been achieved.

Why choose Corporate Business Brokers?

When selling or acquiring another business, you require an approach that is professional, personalised and proactive, in order to maximise the sale price of your business.

Selling or acquiring a business is not a simple decision. It demands the creation of a strategic plan that requires investigation, planning, budgeting, consideration of alternatives and implementation.

Our brokers have the knowledge, skills, expertise and ability to guide you through the steps to ensure you achieve the very best outcome. At Corporate Business Brokers we understand and acknowledge the challenges and opportunities involved in selling your business and are committed to maintaining a strong level of service, communication, advice and support to our clients.

The Business Worth

As a Certified Practicing Accountant, and experienced brokers, we are able to provide you with our no obligation pre-sale opinion of market worth for your business. This will help you decide whether selling your business is a viable option and how much to list your business for. Remember, our business is all about helping you get the best price for your business.

Success fee – Only on sale

We have full confidence in our ability to sell your business, so we charge a success fee only when a sale is made. We will go the extra mile to ensure our clients achieve their exit goals. The process starts with a preliminary, no-obligation meeting, and finishes when you receive the proceeds of sale in your bank. Our reward is only achieved when you receive your reward for all the blood, sweat and years you have given your business.

Our Unique Methodology

When engaging the services of a business broker, there are many different aspects that need to be considered. Selling or acquiring another business or property is not a simple decision. It demands the creation of a well thought out plan that requires investigation, planning, budgeting, consideration of alternatives and implementation. Our team are experts who have the knowledge, skills and ability to help you and your business achieve your objectives.

We have created, developed and implemented a service strategy that allows our company and brokers to:


We have access to a large database of buyers that are genuine and have the available resources to buy a business.


As an enquiry comes through on your business, our company has a number of procedures in place that establishes a rapport and defines the true nature of the enquiry. These procedures are designed to source a genuine buyer.


After the enquiry has been screened, the potential purchaser will be asked to sign a confidential waiver to ensure the information provided is treated as private and confidential. The potential purchaser will receive a business profile or brief on your business. Once the potential purchaser has perused the document we will follow-up to arrange an inspection of your business.


Now that the potential purchaser has been introduced to your business, the next step is to work on selling your business to them. We pursue and combat from many different angles to create and form a rapport with the potential purchaser to understand and help formulate an offer that is presentable and achievable to the vendor and purchaser.

General information is exchanged so both parties can become acquainted with one another’s businesses. An appraisal is then performed to provide the Seller with a guide as to a price range they can reasonably expect to receive for their business.

Sales process

These are the specific steps we use to achieve a successful sale of your business:

  1. Prepare an Information Memorandum
  2. Prepare and lodge advertisements on a range of premium business sale websites (see below)
  3. Create and approach a “direct target” data base of similar/associated businesses.
  4. Obtain signed confidentiality agreements from all potential purchasers, interview, establish their financial position, expectations and business skills prior to disclosure of information relating to the business for sale.
  5. Match the business to the needs of our existing data base of registered buyers, we have around 6,900 buyers listed.
  6. Obtain access to the data bases of buyers advocates who also have pre-qualified buyers from a skills and financial viewpoint.
  7. Prepare for Due Diligence by establishing a document repository prior to commencement of negotiations
  8. Prepare “Heads of Agreement”, the pre contract document.
  9. Act as 'stakeholder' by obtaining deposit and lodging in our Trust Account.
  10. Support the completion of Due Diligence for the committed buyer
  11. Liaise and co-ordinate with legal representatives for contract documentation.
  12. Manage the transaction through to settlement.

At all times we will observe confidentiality with the sale and in particular, have due regard to any sensitive information regarding the business

Marketing your business

Information Memorandum

From day one of listing your business for sale we will prepare a professionally written profile or a brief. This document is key to promoting your business as it provides relevant information concerning your business and answers the majority of questions to attract a potential buyer.

Digital Marketing

Corporate Business Brokers has one of the best websites in the country for advertising businesses for sale. Check out more details at: This website is visited by thousands of ‘unique’ visitors every month and this number continues to grow.

We also promote your business on other leading websites including:

Because there is no definitive list of potential buyers we need to market to capture those who have recently entered the ‘buyers market’. Subject to your agreement we may also advertise your business via the print media on a very selective and programmed basis.

Direct communication to prospective buyers

We have a database with thousands of registered buyers who are all looking to buy. This client base receives notification of all new businesses we list for sale, via our weekly Business Alert service.

We will also directly contact specific buyers who are seeking to purchase in your price range and geographic area.


We are committed to ensuring we keep you up to date with all marketing and sales activities, including the results we get from various campaigns. You will receive regular updates to inform you of the level of interest being received on your business.

Experts to help you improve, grow or sell your business