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Creating a Well-Designed Exit Plan
March 17, 2016
How Significant is the Value Gap in Your Business?
April 1, 2016

“Succession planning is already a key issue – yet by 2020, when 
the oldest Boomers
 biggest intergenerational
 history.” says Mark McCrindle, social analyst. “We are headed towards the biggest leadership succession ever.”

Within the next five years, most baby boomers will be looking to sell or transition their business. There will soon be a time when the number of businesses for sale will significantly  exceed potential buyers, so it is essential to start preparing your business for succession right now. . The decision to sell or transition your business is likely to be one of the most important ones you will ever make!

If you have started the succession process, you will know that the buyer will be looking to minimize risk and maximize profit. The higher the perceived return on investment, the more attractive the business. Every business owner should be looking to maximise the value of your business, as the proceeds from sale or transition are likely to be a primary source of funding for your retirement.

If you are like most business owners the amount of money you are able to receive for your business will have a direct impact on how you live the rest of your life, so the rewards for increasing the attractiveness of your business can be substantial.

Here are some key questions to start considering right now:

  • Do I have a strong management team? Can they grow and flourish in my absence?
  • Is my business model automated and robust, rather than dependent on its owner?
  • Do I have adequate systems and processes in place?
  • How loyal are my customers? What is my percentage of returning vs. new customers?
  • Is most of my revenue derived by one, several or many buyers?

There is a risk that without adequate preparation, your business may fall apart after your succession. It is essential to prepare your management team for your absence and look at key areas to improve as your succession approaches.


  • Are my past financials strong?
  • Do I have a reasonable future budget based on historical growth factors?
  • Do I have recurring revenue?


  • Are my products fresh and innovative compared to competitors?
  • Have I established relationships with key influencers, locked in contracts with key suppliers, specific capital equipment and/or a highly skilled product development program?
  • Do I understand current trading conditions and the implications of emerging market trends?

It’s important to ensure that key processes are institutionalized to avoid loss of knowledge and connections after your exit. Creating a well-developed marketing plan will help a buyer to envision your business after your succession.


  • Which companies or organizations could be strategic buyers?
  • Have I positioned my business in a way that could be attractive to these buyers?

It’s important to assess the reasons behind your sale and sell at a strategic point, not when you are desperate. We encourage you to start this process 12 to 36 months prior to your desired sale date.


Our complimentary Business Value Attractiveness calculator will assess your business, offering an attractiveness score out of 100 and send you a detailed report to improve your business.  This free report will help you start your succession planning and its immediately available online at https://ascendpartners.com.au/#syb

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